About Emma Lomax

Emma is a textiles designer who loves creating fun and quirky products that make you smile. She learnt the art of embroidery at an early age from both her mother and the brilliant seamstresses at the Royal School of Needlework, in Hampton Court Palace.

Fascinated as a child, spending many hours in make-up halls, trying different red lipsticks and eye shadows on, which later became a signature part of her designs. 

Emma started creating wash and make up bags designed to help organise your day.  With the support of friends, family and an initial order from one of UK's leading retailers, she started her own label Emma Lomax in 2012 (formally SewLomax).

The classic and core collection are centred around the simple lipstick. A simple design which unites women. The quirky and unique embroidered designs was a welcome relief from the daily grind.

Emma has created a range of products that are accessible to a wide age range of customers at an affordable price, from teenagers starting to experiment with make up to women always on the go, creating functional travel companions.